Human Factor

In most testing procedures, human interaction is not included. HIL simulation, however, can be used to test the human interaction on machines. This allows control engineers to test if their machines can be operated easily and comfortably. If the HIL simulation is extended with visualization screens they can be used to train operators. These HIL simulators are called training simulators.


Training Simulator


Training simulators have a lot of advantages over training on the job:

  • They offer advanced awareness by visualizing aspects that would be invisible on a real machine (e.g. showing what is happening under water with a dredger). This helps trainees to quickly understand the operation of the machine.
  • The do not break down when a trainee makes a mistake. This allows trainees to do a lot of training without the supervision.
  • They allow switching of weather conditions and other variables. A trainee can be taught to handle a machine under every condition.
  • They support scenario's: trainees can be taught how to solve problems and how to react in typical situations.