Controllab provides HIL simulators with WinMOD as the simulation environment. WinMOD is a system platform providing a wide range of HIL couplings (Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, Modbus, Etherne/IP, etc.) and allows the construction of plant models from components (drives, valves, pumps, etc.) that are based on functional blocks (logics, add, multiply, integrate, etc.). This makes WinMOD the market leader for FAT and virtual commissioning of control systems (PLCs, PCS, IPC).


WinMOD plant models can range from very simple to very complex. After a short training period, many companies can build their own models. However controllab can provide complete sophisticated models in WinMOD. Furthermore WinMOD and 20sim dispose over a common real-time interface, what enables to combine the strengths of both systems.