Special Solutions

Controllab can provide special purpose HIL simulators.

High Speed Simulators

Windows is a not a real-time operating system. With special care it can be used for general purpose HIL simulators. In some cases this is not good enough:

  • The control system runs at high speeds ( > 100 Hz).
  • The plant model only runs well at high simulation speeds.
  • Too much jitter (time delay between control system and plantmodel) will make the system unstable.

Controllab can provide a HIL simulator based on a PC with Real-Time Linux, which allows communication with a fieldbus at high speeds (> 5 kHz) and has low jitter (< 0.1 ms).

Bachmann M1

The Bachmann M1 PLC supports the running of ANSI C-code. Users of this PLC have the option to run the plant model as C-code directly on the controller. The plant model can be connected with the control system by sharing SVI variables. This allows direct testing of the control system without additional hardware.

Bachmann M1